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Dear Gala Guru

Dear Gala Guru

One of my friends is a gun enthusiast. I do not share his enthusiasm. So, we have agreed to disagree, and simply, don’t talk about guns. However, a few weeks ago when I had a group of people over, he started bragging about his new .357 magnum. He was so excited about this weapon (he’d had a couple of cocktails as well) that he went out to his car and brought it into the house in its fancy case to show everyone. He took it out of the case to show all the fancy features. That was the last straw. I sent him and his gun packing. Was that the right thing to do? He knows how I feel about guns, and I thought we had an agreement.


Dear Un

I don’t want to go off half cocked, but guns and parties don’t mix. You definitely don’t want to have your party going great guns and have something like this kill the mood. I know your aim is to have a memorable party, but baring arms should be left to ladies in sleeveless dresses. Yes, sending him packing might make you seem flinty, but this sort of thing can trigger a recoil from your other guests.


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Dear Gala Guru

Dear Gala Guru,

I have a dear friend, Helen, whose 12 year old daughter takes singing lessons. The girl is the sweetest little thing, but she could not carry a tune in a bucket. She is simply awful. Yet, every time I have a little party, Helen brings a CD of Bree’s latest recital, and insists that we all sit quietly a listen to it. It is really quite painful. At first, it was kind of amusing, but now, not so much. People I invite over will ask if Helen is going to be there, and then, suddenly have a previous engagement. Helen is a good friend of mine, but I can’t take this any longer. How can I get her to stop and keep her as a friend?

 Out of Tune

Dear Out,

Telling a friend that their little darling is a talentless hack is a sure way to reduce your Christmas card list by one. Many famous people have been told that they didn’t have “it” then went on to prove everybody wrong. It’s not your job to be a judge of talent but you do have a responsibility to your other guests. Man up and take control of your stereo.


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